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X & Y !

In the office or at workplace you happened to be as executive or senior marketing product [consumer packaged goods] , I suggest to stop reading here and not continue to end the rest of this article !

Highlighting the grow is slow for the local subscription television penetration to future tele consumer is very important in today’s communication professional and practitioner to do list, rather than just acting keeping business busy at the office basis the wrong myth of just collecting subscriber get subscriber every month with a nonsense discrimination of class cification consumer on the go ? does it really has to be necessary ? If you were on the position to be able to communicate a message what kind of message will you deliver to your people?  A short of message that we’re just doing homework for tomorrows pay check or  to upload and publish a new set of Ideas that can lead to tomorrows masterpiece or else ? On my mind it is clear that some of us were here to feed up ” friends”  with ingredients of information through technology experience that can lead to some price tag  for the people sake “than” only selling Pringoooals the famous mister potato chips as we are on today’s mass communication based business, the new mass media and broadcasting,  rather than mass production !

That’s I called  theory X and theory Y

Here I submit a picture from a friends timeline to help visualize the message for our review


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(Source: onscreenasia.com)

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Are We There yet  ?


Taken from the Wiki+encyclopedia this worldmap shows the implementation of digital signals  TV transition

  • Red country : transition completed, all analog signals terminated
  • Orange country : transition completed for full power stations, not yet completed for low power stations 
  • Yellow country : transition in progress, broadcasting both analog and digital signals
  • Green country : Transition not yet started, broadcasting analog signals only
  • Blue country : Does not intend to transition, broadcasting analog signals only
  • Grey area : No further information available 


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(Source: Wikipedia)

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